Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Swoon - to be quilted!

Here it is... hopefully by the time this is posted I'll at least have it all basted! 
Last night I pieced the back together, which puts me a bit closer to quilting. I need to work on a label. I'm thinking a tiny star and some free-motion stitched names. :)

Now that the blocks are all sashed and completed... here's a glimpse at why I'm so crazy. All that extra work! For each of the flying geese units I sewed 1/2" from the normal sewing line to form an extra two HST's for each geese unit. I couldn't bear to throw away all those bits. Now I have a whole pile of HST's that will measure 2 1/4" finished. Who knows what I'll use them for... but they're not wasted!

The quilting is finished! I can't believe how huge of a difference it made using a better machine!!! 2 needles, 6 bobbins, and 2.5 hours later and the quilt was finished! I can't believe it! No major puckers (which is abnormal for me, I typically have at least one annoying pucker). Beautiful. I may need a name for this Juki machine! Pictures of it all quilted up will come soon. :)


  1. Wow that seems really fast! Glad the machine is working out for you!

  2. Wow! That was so fast! So glad you ave such a great machine to use!

  3. Sounds like the quilting was tons of fun! Can't wait to see your finished Swoon.