Monday, August 17, 2015

Sparkle Pouches!

sparkle vinyl various sized zippered pouches

I've been taking custom orders for my sparkle pouches for a while now. They're so much fun to make, that I just can't bear to keep them all for myself. I have made bout two-hundred pouches in the past year or two. It's amazing to know that people keep coming back to order more! 

The pouches above were made for a college friend, Allie. Allie has ordered a ton of pouches from me and I just love working with her on these! She uses them for everything and has even commissioned a pouch sized specifically for her allergy meds! I love it! 

I recently purchased a teflon foot for my Juki. I can't believe I have sewn vinyl for so long without it - but I tend to not buy things that aren't necessary. I finally broke down and bought the foot - it was only a couple dollars on ebay, and it works great. Now I can topstitch vinyl at full speed!

If you're ever interested in ordering a sparkle pouch from me, just drop me a line and we'll work out the details ($12 - $17 for box pouches, $8 for flat). I don't like the business end of things, so I don't keep an Etsy store. I tend to do pouches in spurts - when I get an order I'll post the call out on social media in case anyone else wants to order one at the same time. :) Typically I do more around Thanksgiving and Christmas.