Friday, July 31, 2015

Pimp My Hearing Aid / Cochlear Implant - another type of crafting.

There has been another type of crafting happening around here. Every month or so I settle in for a session of hearing aid / cochlear implant decorating. In the online community (mostly in the UK, since their healthcare system rarely allows for anything but flesh-toned hearing gear), they call this "pimping". It's pretty cool, and it exemplifies the feeling of owning one's hearing loss. Own it. This is me, don't ignore it, don't hide it. Love yourself. 

I hope that Allie always feels this way about her hearing gear. She has always had purple hearing aids, and now her CI processors are pink (Naida) and red (Neptune). She chooses a different color for her ear mold every time - for now it's hot pink. She gladly shows off her glittery and shiny "pimped" hearing aid and CI. 

Every month or so when it's time to refresh her look, Allie weighs in and tells me what color / what stickers / what gems. And after she goes to sleep I get to work. It really doesn't take long, and those tiny embroidery scissors help so much!

For now I'm glad that Allie is happy. She likes to pick out charms to hang from her hearing aid tube. She picks the rhinestones, and the tapes. (We've even had Hello Kitty tape!). 

AB Naida

These pictures show the hearing aids / CI decorated using washi tape (paper tape), plastic craft tape (marketed for teen crafting), stick-on rhinestones (from the scrapbooking isle). The hanging items are charms either for jewelry making, or for loom band crafts. I used small, sharp, embroidery scissors to trim around the edges. The main goal is to use a gentle, removable product - nothing permanent, nothing that requires acetone to remove. Don't cover any buttons or microphones. 

For more information please request acceptance on the facebook page Pimp My Hearing Aids / Cochlear Implants - UK.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Quilt Labels - Screen Printed

This quilt label has been more than a year in the making. It seems like I've had this plan for ages... but it took me a while to take the plunge and decide on what I wanted it to say! 
I've always been lazy about labeling my quilts. I don't like hand stitching, I don't care for written labels, and I leave the labeling to the last moment - which means it doesn't end up getting done. 

About a year ago I saw Rossie's screen print quilt label. I loved the idea of using one standard label - printed onto the quilt backing. It would be quick, pretty, and permanent. 

So. I decided to do it. I'd order a screen with my details on it - I'd screen print my labels. The more I thought about it though, the more hung up I got. I don't know how to use a vector program, I don't feel well versed in graphic design. I just wanted it to be "me" but I sorta froze just thinking about it. Eventually I put a shout-out on facebook and my friend Samantha offered to do it for me. :) I was able to commission her to simplify my existing blog header (the header was designed by Shruti years ago). We worked together to decide how to incorporate my name, my nickname, and my blog name. Samantha did such a great job  - and I am so pleased that I didn't have to worry about all the little details!!

Next I ordered a Thermofax screen to be made from the image. I ordered it from Rossie's friend, and it turned out so nicely! I went with the large size, and I think next time I'll shrink it down a little. I do like the nice large size though!

So now I'm screen printing my labels to the back of my quilts. I have done a couple of them so far. I would prefer to screen print the label before quilting, but both these quilts were already quilted and really in need of a label! Printing after quilting leaves a slightly less crisp print (since there is texture due to the quilting stitches), but it worked out well enough, and it's way better than having no label! 

For now I'm using Versatex Screen Print Ink. It has worked really nicely. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

A few zip pouches...

Sewing is always harder in the summer. Gone are my two mornings a week where I am off work, and my daughter is in school. Gone are the days of Allie being tired (from school) at the end of the night. It's all energy all the time! 

So here are a couple zip pouches. They're pretty, they were gifts, and well, they finish quickly enough!

I can say that I have been working little by little on a couple quilts - but they're not being released for a while, so I can't share. The sewing is so slow though. Sooo slow. 

At the very least, there are always zip pouches!

There is definitely sparkle vinyl in my near future too!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Rolling Hills Cushion - Quilt Now Magazine Issue 13

Check it out! My Rolling Hills Cushion is in the new issue of Quilt Now Magazine! You can find this in issue 13 on PocketMags online, on newsstands if you're in Europe, or in Barnes & Nobles (in a month or so). 

I love this little pillow - It was my first project after returning from QuiltCon. I was fueled by loads of inspiration (and some new FMQ to practice). I didn't have the stamina to start a huge project, so this was made with those random FQ's I bought from the QuiltCon vendors. I just love the texture of free motion quilting on linen! 

I think quilted pillows are one of my very favorite things. What about you? 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Cochlear Implant Processor Pocket

I sew other things sometimes too.
T-shirt with zippered pocket on sleeve. Advanced Bionics Neptune Processor (red). 

Last month I added a pocket to the sleeve of my daughter's t-shirt. 

When a little girl wants to ride amusement park rides, the easiest thing to do is zip her cochlear implant processor into her pocket (leaving the headpiece / coil in place on her head). The processor is secure and she can still hear. 

So far this setup has done great for mild-moderate amusement park rides. Nothing has gone missing. Nothing has been broken. We've yet to give it the real test (roller coasters!!). Since sometimes six year olds can waver in their desire to ride (she loooooooved them last year, but is more nervous about it this year). Either way the zip pocket adds a bit more security and piece of mind. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dreaming Geese

I just love seeing my quilts professionally photographed. I think that maybe that's one of the very best parts of having my work published in magazines. The photography is always so stunning! 

Dreaming Geese by Emily Lang Quilt Now Magazine Issue 12

Quilt photography is something that I'm only ok at. I can take close ups, and I can take a decent shot here or there, but I always struggle with getting the shot I actually want. 

This was the shot I wanted. The pretty, draped, handsome shot.

Check it out in issue 12 of Quilt Now Magazine