Saturday, September 17, 2022

Vovue Fabrics, Evanston, Il

Here's a little love for one of my favorite local stores, Vogue Fabrics.

Vogue is a warehouse type fabric store which contains a room for general fabrics, specialty fabrics, notions, sewing machines/repair, and home dec/upholstery. It's a treasure to have around. Even though I don't always buy a lot there it's always so fun. 

Scope out these pics... they don't show even a quarter of what Vogue has to offer! My favorite part of Vogue is the repair man, Jim. He will tell you how it is, explain to you how to maintain your machines, show you how to fix your problems etc. Also, if there's something that he can't repair while you're standing there, he'll check your machine in and figure out the problem. I would love to learn the ins and outs of machine repair, so it's fascinating to just chat with Jim. 

Also really cool @ vogue? This brand new Pellon display! Very cool - you really can't miss it and it puts all their products right where you can see them! I sorta wanted to buy some interfacing while I was there just because it looked so pretty. :) 

Thursday, May 12, 2022


Word of the year.

Really? Can I declare a word of the year when the year is already almost half over?  I hope so, because I am.

I'm trying to grow. Pushing the comfort zone. Sometimes it proves to be fruitful, other times I face rejection, and weird looking quilt blocks. :) It's worthwhile though. It feels good (and scary).

I'm not big on making distinct and set in stone goals, so who knows where this is going to lead me. Either way, I'm growing, even if I have to push hard and feel frustrated sometimes. Growing.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Gradient Burst Quilt

Gradient Burst 53” x 59”
Quilt Now Magazine issue 20 (February 2016)

The desire to make this quilt started as more of a desire for the process. The intention was to create a unified work using a bundle of strips - I wanted a project where I could mindlessly sew strips, and use just a bit of concentration while trimming and cutting the pieces. I wanted something that would draw the viewer in, contain their senses for a moment. Following the continuity of line, and contrast of color I worked to create a striking quilt. Sometimes the simplest strips can do unexpected things.

Gradient Burst pillow. Made using the scraps from the quilt. Featured in the Craftsy Month blog hop.

Runaway Flowers

This quilt was featured in issue 16 of Quilt Now magazine (October 2015). I'm excited to see it all professionally photographed! Once it came home from the magazine it went on another trip - to be exhibited at International Quilt Festival Chicago! 

Runaway Flowers (Longarmed by T & F Quilting, Lemont, IL) 57” x 71”

Inspired by the stark, colors and shapes of graphic art, this piece was made as a challenge of my color choosing ability. I stretched my comfort zone to choose fabrics that reminded me of summertime. Like summertime, these colors remind me of popsicles, pure blue skies, and rich vibrant flowers. A play off the daisy-chains I wove as a child, the drunkard’s path blocks connect into flowers and create the basis of this light and airy summer quilt.

IQF used my quilt in the online promos! Way cool!

This quilt was shown at the International Quilt Festival 2016, 
Special Exhibits: Modern Quilt Guild, Drunkards Path.