Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quilt Market - Cowboy Quilt

A couple months ago I was sent some fabrics by Windham Fabrics -- with the goal in mind to make a mini quilt for their booth at quilt market. Well, when I signed up I wasn't quite expecting the fabrics I recieved. Cowboy fabric is not exactly my favorite thing. But I'd agreed to do the project (and on a tight pre-market timeline I couldn't leave them hanging)... so I made a mini. 

My quilt uses the Weather-vane quilt block (inspiration here). When I sat down to make the quilt, without feeling initially inspired by the cowboy themed fabric, I went to my "Quilt blocks to try" pinterest board. I always find that helpful. At least I tried a new block. 

I quilted it with a stretched meander and sent it on it's way. This quilt was hung with the other mini's in the Windham Fabrics booth at Quilt Market. I know I've seen pictures of it there, but I can't seem to find any of them online. So rather than make you see the blurry "screenshot from instagram" pics, these are all my own pics. 

Finished size: 18" x 18"