Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My college friend Michelle is in town this week. I can't really explain or remember why I call her Schell or why I spell it that way. But in my absence, since I moved away from ohio, she has started sewing too. She sews on a kenmore sewing machine and has made skirts and one apron. You may remember her from this post - you know that time that I tried to do the C25K program but then went to utah and had bad asthma. Also, you've seen the stack of yummy fabrics for her quilt... which is on my list for this year. 

Fabric for Michelle's Quilt

We're going to sew this week. We'll sew something. What? We don't know. And we might make duct-tape dress forms too... because that would be pretty hilarious. 

Look at my hair color! lol.
Also we're going to... eat pizza, drink wine, go look at the leaning tower of niles, and visit the bookstore (where I work). 

A Viennese fuzzy car. They're nearly extinct.
The Louvre ... hehe.
The first time my mother in law got us drunk. Good times.
As you can see, we have a bit of a history. Too bad Hounddogs Pizza doesn't exist in Chicago... all this reminiscing makes me want a 2am pizza with smokin joe's. Now I really want Hounddogs... pizza for the people man. 
Actual Hounddogs Smokin Joes pizza... photo credit here.
More to come... I'm sure we'll have some stuff to share as the week progresses.

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