Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Now you're free to fly - Hope Warrior T's for sale!

The Todd family sporting their tee's the little one in the middle is Rosemarie.
Friends of ours run a small screen print t-shirt buisiness, and they have been working with my sister to create an awesome kid's cancer t-shirt. More specifically, they designed a "Hope Warrior Princess" t-shirt. :) It's amazing. It's beyond amazing. They captured Rosemarie completely, her style and her love of zebra stripes and rockstar princessness. They also captured her fav. song (at the moment) in the most amazing way. See those musical notes? It reads musically the phrase "you're free to fly" from this song that Rosemarie loves.

The artwork wraps around from the back to the front side. Very cool!

I'll give you a moment. That really nearly brought me to tears. How amazing!

The shirts focus a gold (sparkle!) ribbon for neuroblastoma, and the word "hope" which is dear to us in this battle against a really terrible cancer. Another really cool thing about these shirts? Depending on the price/quantity Blamo will donate $5 - $25 toward Rosemarie's treatment per t-shirt sold! 
Head on over to Blamo's site to order yours! The second printing will happen in a couple weeks! 

And as always, say a prayer for our sweet Rosemarie!

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