Monday, January 23, 2012

CMQG - A love fest post about cool sewing people.

I'm going to ramble a little bit right now about the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.

CMQG Newbie, Marilyn brought this "Sparkle Punch" pillow cover to work on -
it's exactly the same number of "Sparkle Punch" blocks as my mini piece.
Mine finish at 1" per square, hers at 3" Pretty cool, and she has my last name too.
Today was our monthly guild meeting, and let me just say this is a pretty awesome group of ladies! We had the more people RSVP and show up than ever before and it's just so cool to see people with a wide range of skill come together. 
Next month's meeting will make it one year since I've been attending meetings - I'm glad that I took the chance and made it to that first meeting (and I'm grateful that Emily was willing to pick me up for it!). I feel like I've made some good friends in the guild and that makes my heart happy. I'm not sure that I'd be able to explain it, but it's a pretty great feeling when someone comes up to you specifically wanting to see your work, remembering what it looked like at the last meeting and truly being interested. Let alone that most people in my world still think quilting is for old ladies. These ladies "get it." 

I wonder how many quilts Donna has finished -- or bags for that matter.
This one is pretty cool  - it has squishy  interfacing.
Today was a pretty cool meeting, we had a presentation about how to make zip pouches to get us all away from being afraid of those zippers! Because of that presentation (then open sewing after) we didn't do our show and tell's until the end of the meeting. Well I had shown a couple people my Swoon quilt early on because we weren't sure if there would be a show and tell. Several people came over wanting a closer look and wanting to hear how my new-to-me machine was working. It's always nice to know that people are interested in what you're making. 

I feel like on the blogs and flickr and even in swaps sometimes we get so wrapped up in wanting to be the best or have the most readers/fame whatever. My guild has some extremely notable ladies in attendance - people who I was floored at how well known they were (since I live in a cave right?)... but those ladies are just as kind and encouraging and interested in what I'm doing as I am to them. I like the small town feel of that. We also have some quilters in attendance who have 30+ years of quilting experience, and yet they're spunky and fun and excited to hear a new take on things. I love how we can all meet in the middle. 

Accountability from the guild may help Emily finish this piece - it's pretty awesome!

When I get home from a guild meeting I always feel like I have a million stories to tell Wally, and I'm sure he's moderately interested, but I'm not sure that he gets it. These ladies get me. Whether they're my age or younger or much older, have quilting fame, or are unknown, whether they've yet to finish their first quilt, or have finished more than they can count - they're all supportive of one another. 

My center block for Emily and I's {Modern} Robin swap. 
Geez, what a huge love fest I am today. Maybe this makes up for all those posts about things you'd rather not read? lol. No worries I'll be back to that woe is me story in another week or two I'm sure. That's how life is. But for now I'm happy, excited, and completely inspired. 


  1. ikr? (my graddaughter has taught me that that means, "I know! Right?" which is exactly what I said when I finished reading this entry. I know! Right? (and how many quilts? bags? I can't count that high so I stopped keeping track. ikr?)

  2. Great post, and ditto! I love how everyone in the group is encouraging and shares things they make. It is a really great group of gals to be a part of!

  3. nice to see pics and hear about the guild meeting! i hope that at the retreat i can see you make those tiny stars in person!

  4. I'm sorry that I missed the meeting! I wanted to come to this Jan. one as my first one, but my husband was doing a job for a neighbor to both of my brothers... so I took the opportunity to go visit with my family. Anyway, I did mark next month's meeting on my calendar, so hopefully I will be able to make it to the Feb. meeting.