Friday, January 6, 2012

Sewing and Blogging Goals of 2012

Fabric for Michelle's Celebration Quilt
(yes I had to re-fold it all - typical

  • Finish my Swoon quilt - free motion quilting it by domestic machine (even though it's huge!)
  • Finish my {Sew} Beautiful Bee quilt - drunk love with AMH. It's even huger than the swoon quilt!
  • Try a mid-arm or long-arm machine. Just to say I did. I know it's been offered before but I'm still a little shy about it. I need to give it a try (maybe on that ginormous bee quilt?)
  • Do a bit more designing of quilts and tutorials. As in actually record the how and what. Maybe put together a quilt pattern? 
  • Sell, swap, etsy, or commission. I'd like to sell something this year to make money for more fabric. I feel like I suck a lot of money into quilting... obviously. I'd feel better about it if I had a little cash coming in. 
  • Meet local bloggers (specifically Sally, Sara, and Angela. Speak up if you're from the general Chicago area and want to meet up for some coffee or something and chat about blogging/sewing/quilting!
  • Continue with swaps and bees. Pushing myself each time to learn something new and challenging myself to work on more and more difficult blocks. 
  • Work on making connections within the sewing industry community. There is so much growth happening in the are of modern sewing that I feel like I should have an idea of how it all happens. Maybe contact a book or magazine editor, or see if I can write a pattern for a new fabric line. Who knows I just find this to be pretty interesting. Oh also under this topic, I'd love to take a class on sewing machine repair.... anyone have an idea of where one learns such a thing? 
  • I'm toying with the idea of trying to get published somehow. Is it worth jumping through hoops to do so?
  • Go on the quilt retreats offered by the CMQG - continue getting to know those fabulous ladies!
  • Co-host a new swap with Emily (Pretty awesome!)
  • Quilts to make this year
  • Michelle's Celebration Quilt 
  •  A quilt for Lindsey (I wonder if she reads this blog??) Haha... it may be a surprise to her.

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  1. Looking at the fabric again made me tear up a little. I get to touch it next week!! :-D