Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm not sure if she'll need a name yet. How many sewing machines are too many? Four? 

Yesterday my CMQG friend Robbi dropped off this Juki for me to borrow (and potentially buy). She had heard me worrying about how in the world I would quilt my swoon quilt (since it's so huge), and offered to loan me this one. The arm length is a few inches wider than my Singer (Nancy), which will be a big help in quilting that huge quilt!

This Juki is a few years old, but with very few hours of use. Robbi bought her from a neighbor who didn't stick with sewing for very long. The one thing she mentioned many times is how fast it goes! :) That's exactly what I'm looking for; a study machine that will sew and sew and do it fast! I've been prepared to trade the fancy stitches for speed, this machine only has a straight stitch. It does have a lot of features that were on my "new machine" list: needle up/down button, thread cutter, knee lift for the presser foot, oh and SPEED! Did I mention she's really fast??

I did some playing around on her last night. Playing around with some piecing and some free motion quilting too. It's really smooth and quick. There's definitely a lot of difference between this an my mid-grade Singer. 

What are things you love or hate about your machine? What should I be looking for in a new one? This one is really a steal - but I can borrow it for a while even if I don't want to buy it. What do you think? 

Look how she dwarfs Nancy (granted Nancy is down in my table. lol. Oh and don't mind my helper's hand there... lol.


  1. Fun! Those Juki machines really are sewing workhorses - cool that you can borrow it for a while.

    One thing I would really really love and consider buying a new machine for is a bobbin alarm. Not sure what it's called, but some machines will sound an alarm when you're almost out of bobbin thread. I would love that for when I'm quilting.

  2. Yay, I'm so happy to hear that you will be able to continue quilting like a mad woman! I'd love to hear your thoughts on a new machine. I'm thinking of getting a new one, but don't know where to start.

  3. I am in the market for a new machine myself so I am curious to hear what you think about your experience with her. As I am (slowly) perusing machines I look for things like throat space, speed and the motor. I want one with a motor that can handle all the sewing I do.