Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nancy's Throne

Finally I have the time to tell you about one of my Christmas presents! While we were back home for Christmas Wally and I spent an afternoon with my dad and my uncle Terry in Terry's wood shop. Yes, creativity is all over my family! I had brought one of the lift-out panels of my sewing table, along with my sewing machine. Dad, with a little help from my uncle, cut a Nancy-shaped hole in the wood. Just right for her to be set into my table! Pretty fantastic!

I love the pictures here... my dad making a template first. 

Wally and uncle Terry chatted as Dad and I got to work! 

Now for the real action! It's pretty awesome seeing those tools cut right through the wood with no problem!

Some supports were added in.

They even used a router to smooth out the edges!
I have to thank my dad and uncle for making this work! I'm not sure how long the machine will last (as I've had yet another problem with it), or how long the cheap table will last, but until then I'll be sewing in comfort! I can't believe the difference it makes on my shoulders!!


  1. So awesome!!! I would kill for something like this! : )

  2. This looks great! I have a sewing sort-of table from my mom that I'm going to try to revamp into one that I can use with my machine.