Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{Modern} Robin

Modern Robin

Imagine grouping up in pairs. A designated amount of time per round. And two pieces that get swapped back and forth.

The {Modern} Robin
Goals: To share quilty friendships and create together. To inspire each other and learn new techniques. To work with a partner with similar tastes/styles (which doesn't always happen in swaps and bees).

First. Find a partner.
Next. Pick a basic color palate.
Make a center block (8"?)
Throw the block + a FQ or two of fabrics to be used into an envelope.
Pass it to your partner.
If you like you and your partner can decide on a theme or block type each round. This is very free form.
Each round you'll alternate between your quilt and your partner's quilt. You'll have a lot of ability to guide the direction of your quilt, and yet a lot of creative ideas coming from your partner too.

Here's our tentative schedule:
Jan: make center block
Feb: work on partner's quilt
March: work on own quilt
April: work on partner's quilt

After April each pair of partners can chose to keep going if they want (depending on size of quilt etc). With rotations starting every four months give or take.

Will you come join us? Bring a partner, or find a partner on our discussion page! I hope to see you there!! 

Also, for those of you with commitment issues, although it'll be a four month commitment, you'll be committed to only as much as you and your partner decide. So don't fret!

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  1. sounds like fun! i have to sit out this first round, but maybe i can do it in a later round. can't wait to see what everyone makes!