Friday, January 20, 2012

Sewing With Michelle!

For the first time in our years of friendship, this week Michelle and I sewed together! She's taken up the hobby here and there since I left Ohio, and she brought a couple projects to work on. I made us each an apron (above) although I didn't get a picture of Schell's before she left! I used the tutorial here.

And Michelle worked on a sweet baby blanket for her friend's new baby (who we visited yesterday). She put the blanket together and I helped by free motion quilting the heart label in place.

She also made two of these pillowcase bags. Using this tutorial.

I also worked on bee blocks for this month and planning for my month which is next month.

It was pretty amusing sewing together, after being friends for so long. lol. 

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  1. there's nothing like sewing with a good friend! love the apron.