Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is the worst!

(alright maybe it's not the worst)
My dear husband is working an overnight shift tonight. Which means I get the night to sew. lol. I finished the top to another baby quilt, but I'm at a halt because I can't decide what fabric to back it in. The quilt is for my friend Alexandra's baby (if I can part with it). But she doesn't know if it's a boy or girl yet (I think it's still too early for that anyhow). Two of the four fabrics that I have on hand to back it with are large florals. What if she has a boy? Is that too girly? They're rather geometric/stark florals so it's not like it's really too girly. If I use the other fabric I have on hand I fear the quilt will look too "harvest-like" the front has some nice bold colors but lots of yellow. The two non-floral options are a burnt orange and brown color. I don't particularly like the harvest look. 

I've given myself five minutes to decide. Since I really want to get the quilting part of this quilt done tonight I can't wait around for someone else's opinion. grr. lol. I'll report back later with my decision.

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