Monday, April 4, 2011

Iron Quilter

Our group's mystery bag
Since a couple of you asked about Iron Quilter on my last blog post ... and since I really did have fun, I'll (finally) write up that post!

Contents of mystery bag
First of all you can check out the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild blog here. I have only been to two meetings, but I did go on the spring retreat which was amazing. These are some really nice ladies and I like that there are no quilt police.

Our "label" was just our names that I free motioned onto the back (notice Connie sewing the binding on while I'm taking this shot? we were hurried!)
For our March meeting we did Iron Quilter (don't ask me where the idea came from). It was sort of like the show on Food Network: Iron Chief --- you know two chiefs and a secret ingredient - they have to make something wonderful with it before the time is up!

My group and our quilt: Freida, Me, Marie, and Connie
We were split into five groups, and each group was given a paper bag with fabric and a scrap of batting and a small bag of "trims" and told to make a doll size quilt at least 15" square including at least a piece of each fabric in the bag (not including trims). We were allowed to swap some fabrics with other groups but my group chose not to. Oh and we had to have a label on it. It had to be bound by the finishing time. I'm not sure how long we had to finish... I think an hour and a half?

This was such a fun project! I am so glad I went to this meeting (I almost didn't since we had tickets to some Disney play that evening). I had to leave early so I didn't see the judging or anything. My ride arrived just as we were putting the finishing stitches on - as time was up! You can go read this post over at the CMQG blog to see all the finished quilts and see who the winners were! This was a really fun challenge and I recommend it highly to any of you who are on the planning committees for modern guilds!!

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