Sunday, May 1, 2011

I may be a bit biased...

But I just rocked my first try at true bias binding! I matched up my seams with the pattern of the stripes too! And then I bound it completely by machine. Seriously. Whoa. And then I did it again but with ric-rac. Seriously ric-rac is so cute! I need more of it now. More cute. 
tiny wonky nine patch from Oh Fransson!
I listened to the entire two disc album of Billy Joel Live at Shea Stadium. I heart Billy Joel. <3 

I can't hear anything but Billy while I use my husband's noise canceling ear phones... that's weird when sewing. It's a first for me, really.
Binding from the back. Yummy!
I finished two projects. They've been lingering around for a while. One because I made it so intricately, and tiny that I didn't have the time or energy that night to bind it. It was put immediately into constant use under our teapot. It's about 7" square and rocks! It's already tea stained... and I'm pretty sure I set those stains pretty good with my iron while perfecting that no pin, no hand sewing, all machine, amazing binding. (I'm a little excited about it really).
Binding from the front.
I needed a project to sew tonight. Since I've decided to buy backing fabric (instead of using the not-quite-right fabric from my stash) for the baby quilt top I made yesterday... that post is coming sometime soon. So I didn't have a "set my mind to it" project to knock out while DH did homework. Obviously this was a night for complexly simple finishing projects. (no making that dress that I really want to make for Allie but don't seem to have the brainpower/want to design it). 

I realized it was a night to finish that teapot holder thing when I was making myself some tea (that yummy black tea that I talked about the other night). Of course, that should be finished. :) It turned out really cute. The binding is a thrifted bed sheet. You might have recognized it from last summer's matching skirt/dress. so I apparently never showed you guys the pic of both of us? Here it is:
This was a whole year ago... can't believe it!
Ok so that took all of half an hour... (who knows Billy Joel was still singing so I was still sewing). As I stood looking at the leftover bits of that binding I realized how awesome it'd be on the bookshelf quilt I'd been avoiding that I thought didn't look right. I knew that as much as I didn't love that FMQ writing, I wasn't going to pick it all out. I might as well finish it right? Perfect chance to use that pink ric-rac. I had bought it specifically to use on this quilt. Perfection! The no pins, no hand sewing binding worked perfect too. Perfect. I even remembered to add those corner things so I can properly hang it at some point. I think it'll go right above Allie's bookshelf (the one we haven't bought yet) for her room (when we get a new apartment). Perfect. 
"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents"
Notice that I even alphabetized the books. Bookseller that I am, I knew it'd annoy me if they were out of order!
Back, showing corner tabs to use a dowel rod to hang it.
Now for some tutorials I used. Well sort of. I didn't actually follow any of them... I mostly looked at the pictures then went to my sewing room and rocked... Anyhow. I don't like following directions but you might. 
no pins, no hand sewing. I have no clue if anyone has a tutorial for this... I just ironed it all into submission then crossed my fingers (not literally - that could be dangerous). It worked but would be a lot of extra work for a larger piece. No, really I can't find anything like whatever it was that I did. Maybe I'll take some pictures and try to explain it... some other day! For now I'm off to bed.

(pictures will be added tomorrow!)


  1. That ric-rac binding is so cute! I'm filing that idea away. Great job!

  2. Awesome job! Love that stripey binding, it's so adorable. I love the idea of ironing your binding into submission, that's great. :) Your bookshelf looks amazing, I love the alphabetizing of the books!

  3. This is so cute! Love it!
    I love the words on the book quilt, too -- I might just have to copy that!

  4. Very cute! I found you on the sewing summit flickr group. :)

  5. Very cute wonky nine and book quilt!!

  6. wow!!~~ I LOVE this. Love the lil quilt, the quote, and the whole idea.

  7. Very nice work! I'm a huge Billy Joel fan too :-).

  8. very cute idea. Love your book titles!

  9. I really , really like the second one, not so much the stippled one. The second one looks very classy. It's obvious you're not a newcomer to this, you work is beautifully finished. Is that hand-stitching on the stars, it really finishes it off perfectly. Well done. Silvana, West.Aust.