Monday, April 4, 2011

A good mail day!

Awesomeness! Just as I was starting to get worried that maybe my mailman kept it for himself, this beautiful FQ stack of free spirit solids came in the mail today! I won them in a giveaway from Michelle from I like Orange Too! You wouldn't believe how soft they are!! :)
And... this awesome bolt of fabric came in. It's for a big project I'm doing for my aunt. I'm making table covers for the tables she uses at her craft/art shows (she does polymer clay jewelry). I need to get some sunlight in here to take some pictures before I get started to make sure it's just what she wanted ( has free return shipping... if it's not right.)
And... these books came in to the library for me - on inter-library loan. I feel like I'm about to write a report for school or something. I've got two more Gee's Bend books coming. The ones that came in here are a coffee table book, a fiction novel about a girl from gee's bend, and a kids storybook!
How cute does that storybook look? It's a little advanced for Allie, but I think it'll be a fun read anyway!


  1. Yay for good mail days! Those solids look yummy!

  2. Awesome mail day indeed, and what great library finds!!

  3. I really can't understand this softness thing. I had really soft konas and also very stiff ones. The one time I ordered Free Spirit solid they were awfull, I just didn't like to have my hands on them. Now you say they are soft. They're making me crazy :D

    Oh, good luck with the big project, it's going to be easy but not very satisfying :D