Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Five out of Ten, not bad.

Here are the goals for this year that I listed out last december. I've accomplished several of them already! Although I have changed my mind on #4, I don't really feel the want to follow a pattern anymore. lol.

1. {Sew} Beautiful Bee & Swaps. I'm making this just one on my list since this is the extra, the push my boundaries and try something without worry. Whether it's a project pushing my color comfort zones, or my style... or even something technically challenging. Done, ok well still in process. I have done three swaps so far and just signed on for another!
2. I'd like to make a quilt for my mom or my MIL this year.
3. I really would like to finish the String Quilt I started last january...
4. I'd like to follow a pattern for a quilt this year.
5. I want to make a wonky star quilt with light/medium grey and a pop of color. Done! I love it, but it's not quite like I wanted, so I'll likely make another.
6. I want to keep working on taking better pictures of my work. It's a process... and I can see it getting better and better as we start getting more sunlight this spring/summer!
7. I'd like to make a baby this year. (too much? sorry). Oh and maybe not flip out nearly as much each month when I'm not pregnant. (can this just happen already? geez)
8. I want to make more ruffly dresses for my daughter.
9. I would love to make more personal connections in the sewing world.  Totally have done this! I joined up with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and have met some pretty awesome people. Even had a little mini sewing day the other week!
10. I'd like to keep teaching my niece to enjoy crafts and sewing. Continuing on this path. Katee and I made these cool glasses cases last time she was in town! :)


  1. 5 down, 5 to go! Great job! Glad you changed your mind about number 5, I think you are incredibly creative and I'd love to see a pattern YOU come up with! Nudge-nudge! :)

  2. woo! good list, I enjoyed our sewing day and am so glad you decided to join the guild