Friday, April 29, 2011

HAHA! Stats from blogger.

I'm going to start with the most laugh worthy of it all. Looking at the "stats" tab on blogger tonight I noticed that someone had found my blog by searching "brownies not done" on google. LOL. I'm sure my blog didn't help them much. 

Next I noticed that at about noon today (yesterday) there was a HUGE surge of activity on my blog. ...nerd that I am, I then looked at which sites were leading people to my blog, and found that (wooohooo!) Rachael of Stitched In Color had chosen my bubble pillow as one of her nine fav's from this month's Bloggers Pillow Party. That's pretty awesome! I mean come one, I have made a quilt from a quilt along that Rachael hosted... that's pretty much bloggy stardom for me. :) And check out the other amazing pillows submitted this month. :) Maybe I'll be chosen as the winner this month? Probably not... but still. :)

Other random amusing (to me) facts? I have had three page views from Egypt. Cool! And second only to the USA, the next highest readership is from Germany (I think some German blogger posted a link... I haven't quite figured it out though). 

Also... I'm at 91 followers. I think when I get to 100 I'll do a giveaway. I have some cute but totally not my style quilt patterns from work ... and I'm sure I'll find some other fun things to include. That may take a while though... I don't usually accrue followers very quickly. 

Totally not related... the other night at the tea shop DH and I shop at, they gave us a sample package of Keemun Encore black tea (because they know I like black tea the most). We tried it with our new adjustable temperature hot pot (WAY COOL by the way), and the tea is so smooth and yummy. It's so yummy that I felt the need to write "love this!!!" on the package so I'd remember and buy more when we run out. Here to find out that it's like... $22/3 oz bag. OUCH! That's expensive! :) lol... maybe for a special occasion or something. It's yummy though. Stop by Adagio if you're in the Chicago area. We visit the one on the north side, ask for Nicki, she's pretty cool (and no help to my husband's impulsiveness when it comes to buying tea). 

Theology lesson of the day. Key terms: Beatification, Intercession.
Lastly - I know you all aren't Catholic... but do you know just how excited I am that Pope John Paul II is being beatified this weekend??? (beatification is one of the steps to being canonized a saint). JPII!!!! Oh my heart! Theology nerd that I am, I love him! Theology of the body, amazing! Patron of youth!!! My former neighbor (yep I lived in Rome for a few months, he lived just down the street)!!! We were buddies -- I mean he waved, smiled and gave a blessing every time I saw him (hehe). Ok I'll stop here. Say a prayer for the intercession of JPII for me right now ok? (intercession = asking him to pray for me/bring the prayer before God -- since he's up there in heaven). 

No one is going to read this post. lol. It's three AM and no, I'm not staying up to watch the wedding of those British people. I'm off to bed!


  1. lol - those British people! As a Londoner, I am sooooo tired of the wedding stuff - it's all anyone can talk about!

  2. I read your post! I enjoy following your blog! Loved your DQS10 BTW! That was such a challenging and fun swap!

  3. Go JPII!! It's so wonderful that we got to be with him during his lifetime. Such an amazing and wonderful man and Pope. I have a magnet in my kitchen with Mary holding him in his last days.

  4. Thanks for the info about JPII, I think that's awesome. And additional thanks for the tea recommendation. I too prefer black tea, and now I have another one to look out for :) And since I'm on a thanking binge, thanks for blogging about your quilting goodness!

  5. i read your post too! i love stats and seing crazy trends.