Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tea Mixing Class at Adagio

As a spur of the moment decision Wally and I decided to go to the tea mixing class at Adagio Tea. A couple weeks ago we had done a tea tasting evening at their shop and really enjoyed it. We've been drinking our loose leaf teas a lot more often since then. For those of you who don't know, wally likes tea... and likes to buy a variety. I'd already begun mixing my own, my favorite combo being an equal mix of "green roibos bonita" and "fruit medley." It's a yummy combination. 
Tea tasting cups - three teas steeped and draining into cups!
On to the tea mixing. We first learned the basics of how to pick flavors to mix together, keeping in mind the strength and character of the teas. Then we got to mixing. First we picked out three teas, and after steeping them we tasted each one and decided how much of what to add to our cup. It was really pretty cool.
mmm... tea.
I was shooting for a fruity tea that still lets the tea flavor shine. I think I accomplished it pretty well with the mix I call "Fresh Fruit" which includes three different teas (4 parts White Peach, 3 parts Strawberry Black, and 1 part green rooibos citron). Wally did a study in black teas (he usually drinks white or green tea, I usually drink black or rooibos). He created "Black Sabbath" which includes 2 parts Orange Black, 1 part Oriental Spice, and 1 part Assam Harmony. They're both pretty awesome!
Just me... still another month or two until I can share pictures of Wally again!
We're currently drinking my blend. Yum! This was a pretty awesome class, definitely worth it, and really, a pretty cool date too. I have to mention though, there was this girl in the class who had the most totally cool curly hair in the world - and she shared some conditioner tips with me! Her tea was "German Chocolate Cake!" I hope she doesn't mind me sharing a picture, because one day my hair might be as cool as that. 
German Chocolate Cake!
And finally, here's a pic of the store manager Nicole mixing up our blends for us to take home!

Here's a link to the facebook page, should you want to stop in for their next class!

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