Monday, April 4, 2011

A little update.

Here are some bullet points about what I've been up to:
  • Sent my Doll Quilt Swap out last week and it was received by my bloggy friend Kaelin (The Plaid Scottie). So I can finally reveal that label that was actually the first part of the quilt I made. I tried a bit of embroidery for her little Scottie, and a Chicago flag to represent me (she had lived here once too). I love it!
  • Participated in Iron Quilter at the CMQG (Chicago modern quilt guild) meeting a couple weeks ago. I have pictures and have meant to blog about it but it just hasn't happened.
  • I had a sewing day (afternoon) with my new guild friend Emily and we had a blast. I worked on a baby shower gift (another one --all these stupid pregnant people), and some blocks to finish up my bee quilt. She finished piecing the top to her modern quilt challenge monochromatic quilt (which is fabulous - go to the link and watch her progress video)!
  • I potty trained my 2 1/2 yr old. Whoa. Ok well mostly she wears a pull-up in the car and while sleeping but that's pretty good if you ask me. She's at the intelligence level now that all it really took was a bit of patience and a pretty selection of underwear. (the Ariel ones are her fav's right now).
  • This was really trying since we have no washer/dryer here - hence the apartment search is moving forward.
  • I broke down and paid $14 for some new Old Navy (men's) PJ pants. I had two pair from high school (eek like 10 yrs ago) that had ghosts on them (my "ghosties") that bit the dust recently. I want to live in my new pants but they need some ghosts on them. I miss my Ghosties... they got me through a lot. I wonder if my brother still has his... (my mom found them on clearance before Christmas that year... we all had at least one pair... even my dad!)
  • DH and I got a little date of sorts today. We went to a tea tasting thing at our local tea store. Pretty cool and I know a lot more about tea and tea varieties (loose leaf) than I thought. Next up is tea blending class! (I'm drinking "Forest Berries" black tea right now which is pretty good). FYI my favorite "tea" (Rooibos) is not actually a tea, since it doesn't come from the tea plant. lol. It's still my fav.
  • I want to sew right now but I think I might go snuggle in bed with DH and watch some Dexter... although I'm a bit peeved with Dexter right now. Grr (season 4 finale).


  1. Iron Quilter? I'm intrigued, want to hear more! That's so awesome that Kaelin was your partner. I just love your label for her!! And good for you with the potty training, especially without a washer!

  2. Um, yes, I must know more about Iron Quilter. : )

    Good job on the potty training! I'm starting to think about it for my youngest and I'm DREADING it!

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  4. Ahhhhh! Dexter Season 4 Finale!!!!! ('nuf said)

    Congrats on the poddy training. Hoping it'll go smoothly when my son gets there. :)

    Also, I must remember to proofread comments before posting them. ;)