Monday, April 18, 2011


Signing up for the fourth round of the mug rug swap, and on the form they asked who I'd already swapped with (from that swap). It made me think... I've done a lot of swaps!! This list took me a little bit of thinking and looking back on thank-you's written via flickrmail! 

sent to: Rebecca / Craftalittle
received from: Karen / Enola05

Scrappy Pin Cushion Swap
sent to: Donna / Allz I'm Sewing is
received from: Jennifer / greeneyedsilversmith

Mug Rug 1
sent to: Angela of Tweedledee Designs (now Cut to Pieces)
received from: Michelle / Michellesews

Pillow Talk Swap 4
sent to: Dawn / 2mayboys
received from: Adrianne / Little bluebell

Mug Rug 2
sent to: Edy / edyB1
received from: Jen / mjandco

Urban Home Goods
sent to: Heather / June Vintage
received from: Jules / Relish Australia

Mug Rug 3
sent to: Tina / lilfish1
received from: Jennie / Clover & Violet

sent to: Kaelin / Theplaidscottie
received from: Shruti / 13 woodhouse road

Pretty Little Pouch Swap
sent to: Rachel / stitchedincolor
received from: Amy / alliekatmom

Mug Rug 4
sent to: Leona / oneygirl
received from: Leah / rydersmama

Pillow Talk Swap 5
sent to: Dawn / guiltyquilter
received from: Michele /delightful disarray

CMQG Mug Rug Swap
sent to: Ebony, Terri, & Rachel
received from: Terri, Elaine, & Sarah

sent to: Maria / MollyJolly
received from: Carol / Mamacjt

Pillow Talk Swap 6
sent to: Anna / Singing Shells
received from: Cate / Indigolimeblog

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap Christmas
sent to: Wendy / love the sky
received from: Wendy / love the sky

Pillow Talk Swap 7
sent to: Isabel / rosaechocolat
received from: Kelly / scrapstudio

sent to: Mona / QuiltingCyclist
recieved from: Marilyn / Marilynkb
Angel quilt sent to Nichole / Partridgepeartree

Pretty Little Pouch Swap 4
sent to: Tara / tinkerfrog
received from: Kristy / kristya {cottonaddiction}

RATZ May (keychains)
sent to: Michelle / A.quilter.2
recieved from: Diane / Diane {from blank pages...}

RATZ June (magnets)
sent to: Leila / Needleanddime
received from: Kris / Zaynoo1

CMQG Modern Art Challenge
sent to: Natalie
received from: Sarah S.

RATZ July (needlebooks)
sent to: Shannon / Craftyturtle1
received from: Kris / Zaynoo1

RATZ August (nametags)
sent to: Whitney / The Peacock Tree
received from: Synnove / synnovekri

sent to: Elizabeth / Don't Call Me Betsy
received from: Silvana / Silort

EEE Swap (side swap @quiltcon)
sent to and received from Emily and Elaine

RATZ May 2013 (coffee cozies)
sent to: Jenny / Sew Crazy Mama
received from: Anne Marie / ams2010

Sew Sew Modern II
sent to: Cindy / Cindys0707
received from: Karen / Quilting_fairy

sent to: Kris / Kris loves fabric
received from: Andrea / Crabapple Quilts

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap 2
sent to: Rhiannon / @Raebirdrhi (Instagram)
received from: Jayme / Finding Sweet Land

sent to: Angelica / @angelquilts
received from: Courtney / @courtiepie

Chicago MQG Holiday Pouch Swap
sent to: Emily B
received from: Debi Wight

sent to: Pati / @patifried
received from: Jaclyn / @jaclynb

sent to: Valerie / ToddlerWithScissors
received from: Rhiannon / @raebirdrhi

sent to: Kristie / @Kharri91
received from: Rebecca / @sewpixie

Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap 3
sent to: Emily / @emmmylizzzy
received from: Emily / @elephantgrace

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