Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Meeting

Today was the April meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild! We had a sew-in day which was a lot of fun, although it didn't seem like we really had much time to sew at all! I didn't even turn on my machine!! To be honest though, I still got a ton done! Thanks to Beth and Ebony for bringing their large square rulers and cutting mat I was able to square up and trim all 20 Sew Beautiful Bee blocks in a short amount of time! This was super helpful since the blocks are cut at 16" and my mat is a 12"/18" and my largest ruler is 12.5" square! 

I also managed to finalize a layout for these blocks with the help of many people there! It helps a lot to have other people's opinions on color placement and saturation etc. They were much more help then I get around here... my husband always says, "yeah it looks great!" -- not helpful when I need to know about the composition of the colors! 
I think I've decided to not use sashing between the blocks (although I'd like a bit of extra length and width that they would give). I was offered a great "outside of the box" suggestion from Ebony - to add a border (since I want that extra bit added to the size) but to make it a-symmetrical! There's a certain amount of freedom of though and ideas that Ebony has that I don't. I'd never have thought of that - I'm so boxed into the norms I've been living with! Wow!
Here are some of the Show and Tell pictures from our meeting. Some beautiful works of art going on there! Sorry these pictures are pretty terrible. I wasn't quite paying much attention to getting a good, clear shot of them! 

Also noteworthy about this CMQG meeting was that I met some new people and two of them had heard of me/knew me through my flickr/blog (one from each)! Awesome right? Way awesome! Also... again someone mentioned that I should start an etsy shop - I'm not sure the wording used there but I recall being flattered that the specific person thought my work was worthy enough to sell. (FYI: an etsy store is in my future... once I bite the bullet and figure out how to do it legally without cutting corners on taxation etc.). My table mates were pretty awesome too - one of them Elaine is in the Pouch Swap I'm in on flickr right now, and the other one, Erika, loves dying her own fabrics! Awesome!

Next meeting we're going to be dying silk scarves! Exciting!!!

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