Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The week of making deals with myself.

Right now I want to sew up a pretty hot pad to put our teapot on. We've been drinking tea several times a day here recently and it's pretty lame that our teapot sits on a cheap store-bought christmas colored pot holder.

But I have a million things on my sewing to-do list. And so many things have been hanging around half finished (and I love the feeling of a finish!). So here's my deal with myself. If I hem my mom's pants tonight I am allowed to make a pretty potholder. hehe. My mom's been waiting for her pants for months.

If you're wondering, DH is working a couple night shifts this week and that leaves me with lots of sewing time. Hopefully I'll have something fun to show from tonights sewing.

Ps: I'm kinda taking this week as a "try to get my projects finished" week. Unofficially though. I just love being spontaneous about projects but my lack of long periods of sewing time has left me with a lot of half finished projects recently. Here are a few things on my list:
  • Finish the other half of my April Bee block.
  • prepare a backing for Chloe's baby quilt. Baste, and quilt (before easter?)
  • sew my last two drunk love blocks (from my month of the bee) by sunday's Chicago Modern Quilt Guild sew-in day (where I'll have access to a 20" square ruler to square them all up!)
  • Hem Mom's pants
  • Make two large simple purses for mom and aunt kathy (not necesarily on the top of my list by any means)
  • MAKE 4 FITTED TABLE COVERS for my aunt's show booth.... yeah that huge roll of 31yds of fabric in the corner is yelling at me to get busy. I need a day without the toddler around to get moving on it. 
  • Finish the awesome bookshelf mini quilt - to eventually go in Allie's room (I need to buy some pink ric-rac first)
  • Plan/finish my Pretty Little Pouch for the swap.
  • Quilt and finish Allie's dresden pillow. 
  • sash, quilt, and finish pillow to match Wally's quilt. 
  • Determine how to file some paperwork for tax purposes and put things in my etsy store (eek!)
lol. That seems like so much more than it really is. I'm going to plow through it this week. See last week I already finished three (out of the 5) bee blocks I need to do before determining a layout. I also finished up a quilted pillow to go with the baby quilt I'm working on.

Now to get off the computer and sew for about an hour before collapsing into bed.

By the way, I just spent the prior part of this evening (re)reading "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey. This updated version just came out and after reading it again I feel much more confident in my hair.... and excited to try cutting my curly hair by myself. I highly recommend it. Seriously if you have curly hair go read this! Also it leaves me wondering if I can use olive oil on my hair regularly... some of the recipes in there have olive oil and since I'm allergic to hair products (mainly propylene glycol) the simpler the better!

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  1. I have heard that that Curly Girl book is a must read for those that have curly hair. My hair is what I call "in-between".... as long as I don't comb it, and I put a bunch of product on it...I can have some nice nearly curl waves in my hair. But, if I comb or blow-dry at all then it's mostly just straight. I guess it makes my hair more versatile :-)

    I try to make bargains/deals with myself regarding my crafty-time, but mostly I never follow thru. I usally say that if I go to work out then I can sew _____, but mostly I never do the workout :-/