Monday, April 18, 2011

DQS10 Recieved!!!!

Oh I can't begin to tell you how excited I was/am about this little quilt! So I'll start from the beginning.

So yesterday after work DH and I stopped home real quick before heading over to my MIL's place for dinner (and to pick up the kid since she spends Saturdays there while we work). We were walking up the stairs and Wally says, "it looks like you have a package." (as if he didn't know that I'd been stalking the mailman for a week now). I glanced up the stairs at the spot where our landlords put our mail and spy a bit of white paper with the notation "DQSX" and I squealed! Then I grabbed the package and noticed that it was from - get this - India!!! I knew immediately who it was from and what it was!!! :) So exciting!! Shruti from 13 Woodhouse Road was my partner and she got it just right! (if you remember a couple months back I did a guest post on Shruti's blog? Pretty cool that we were matched up together right?). Shruti sent me the most amazing doll quilt which is a bit of a conversation/story of her and myself and Marilyn (flickr: Spiced Coffee) sitting around chatting. She explains it pretty well in this post on her blog. I love how outside of the box this quilt is - literally! Look at the three awesome oval mini quilts on there!! I've never even attempted sewing a curved binding!! So cool and personal! And that polka-dot binding!!! And the words and embroidered words!! :) And... I'll just have to show you how awesome the label is on the back! (I actually forgot to get a pic of the back this afternoon, so maybe I'll re-post with a picture of it tomorrow)

Ok all of this gushing and I haven't mentioned the extras yet have I? So I opened up the envelope (which it was a wonder that it got here since the envelope was ripped! eek!!!) and there were three wrapped packages, one with a tag that said "Doll quilt," one that said, "extras for you," and one that said, "for Allie!" How wonderful seriously! In the little note Shruti explained that she'd bought the little dress (sent for Allie) when she was pregnant, but she had a boy. It's perfectly sweet and Allie absolutely loves dresses! The extras are some pretty amazing fabrics - a bit for me to play with, and a bit for me to play with to make something for Allie! :) So sweet really!! And Allie LOVED opening up hers!!

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