Friday, April 8, 2011

Vegan brownies, not pregnant, and a project finished.

What a day.
I woke up and did my yoga with old people dvd (yay!). I'm a little sore but it felt good.
I'm sure you'll ask, old people? Yes, it's a dvd from PBS that is yoga for everyone or something like that. It shows the normal poses but also ways to use a chair to help balance when you're a beginner (or old).
I'm not pregnant. Sucky. I guess I get to have some blood work done this month.
(I hate blood work)
(But I hate still not being pregnant worse)

I finished a project today - one that at the beginning of the day was just a star block and a sketch. It's a gift. Well, if I can bring myself to part with it that is!
I'm only going to show a little bit of it. Partially because I want to keep it a surprise, and partly because by the time I finished it the sun was pretty low and all my pictures are crappy (and apparently I keep writing run-on sentences).

Vegan brownies are in the oven... just a simple box mix... I substituted mashed banana for the eggs. I hope they turn out good because they smell DELICIOUS!! My co-worker Becky is/was vegan. I think she's a vegetarian now, but still can't make herself eat eggs. It's her birthday (if we time traveled to two weeks ago when I was supposed to make these brownies). Birthday vegan brownies! Mmmm... better go check on them!


  1. I made brownies this week, too, but not vegan. The banana sounds good in there, though.

    I love the main/plain color of fabric in the photo!

  2. As someone who takes yoga with other "old" people, I'm happy you're doing old yoga! Good stuff for anyone who's breathing. Keep your hands busy, EmBook. And keep making stuff for other people!