Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making Preparations.

Today is all about making preparations for submitting two of my quilts to the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at the International Quilt Festival. The link there will take you to the submissions forms; submissions are open until Friday!

Wally wrestling the quilt while it was on the rod for pictures.
This wasn't even on my radar until Sunday at our Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting. I'm really pushing myself to get some good pictures of the one quilt since being in a show is one of my quilting goals this year! The other quilt I'm submitting based on a photo that's alright. I think it's a more unique quilt than the other, but it's my mom's and I don't have it here presently to take any better photos. I'm chalking it up to experience if I don't get in - especially for my mom's quilt since the photo isn't what I'd like it to be. 

I spent all day today sewing a sleeve onto my {Sew}Beautiful quilt - that was trying... then after all that handstitching I realise I could have just pinned it with safety pins... duh. Next time. 

I used some horrible or awesome batik fabric for the sleeve since that's the only thing I had a large amount of on hand (I keep mostly small cuts of fabrics). The batik came from the bookstore... yes someone sold us 5+ yards of it with some quilt patterns and books last year. It went home with me for free and what can I say... lol. It's ugly or maybe ok? But I don't really use it. 

Now we're trying to contact my BIL so that he can come help Wally hold it up for the picture... but I'm going to try to get some pics of it with just Wally holding it now, since the sun is out and beautiful!

Update: Yes the sun is out... so is the wind! lol. After taking more than 45 pictures of wally holding that quilt I think I may have one that I can use.... but it's not nearly as "flat" as I'd like! I hope it's alright, and no, there are no fingers showing!

Another update: I am only submitting the one. I don't have a decent high resolution close-up of my mom's quilt, so it won't be submitted this time. 

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  1. Getting good quilt pictures in Chicago during February/March is like a circus act!

    So excited that you got your entry in.