Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Finally! A finished Swoon!

You may remember that I was making this swoon for my MIL, Linda... for CHRISTMAS! lol. Oops! It took me a while to get up the desire to hand sew that binding! The whole thing is pretty fabulous!!

I'm so glad to have this one finished - it's off my table and into the home of my MIL already! (just an hour after pulling it out of the dryer it was gifted!). Linda loves it - which wasn't a surprise since she had seen it at every step of the way! I'm so glad.

A funny thing is that this picture above is the closest thing I've gotten to a "full" shot of this quilt! It's big and Wally gets frustrated holding it. The wind was not on our side today so perhaps sometime later we'll have to take a pic at Linda's house. Even funnier than that, is that while we were taking pictures of it (in the back yard) our landlord yelled down, out the second floor window, telling me how beautiful it is! :) hehe.

So there you have it. Swoon finished. The end. I followed a pattern. I still hate following patterns. I've already set up a flickr swap to get rid of the Swoon pattern. Designed by me quilts only from now on! :) Don't get me wrong, I love the outcome of following this pattern, but it would be so much more "me" if I had drawn them out and sized them down to a more me size. I would have bordered them out with some cool colors and backed them in curry instead of white. Who knows? Well, either way Linda loves it! :) Happy Swooning!!

More about this quilt can be found here.
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