Sunday, March 4, 2012

Countdown to Spring Retreat!!

I'm getting really excited about the spring CMQG retreat! It's just over a month away and can't come soon enough!

The retreat will be in a few weeks in Racine WI at the convent (I love nuns!).

B&W fabrics for the Bella Bella Quilt!
First of all I'm planning on working on my Bella Bella quilt... Using the paper pieces and a lot of hand drafted paper piecing (circular borders!). I've been stashing up some black, white, grey, and pops of colors. I'm thinking that some colored solids would help... Still on my list to purchase for this project are all Kona solids: black, white, and ash grey - probably some FQ's of other bright hues too. (maybe I'll go to Connecting Threads for this? -Oh I need to order some of their thread too).

Next I'd like to work on a layout and sashing up/finishing the quilt top for my Bee Quilt too. I'm still waiting on a couple blocks, so we'll see when they arrive. I'm in no hurry for this project. 

Maybe I'll work on that stray purple string quilt... from a couple years back. It's not pieced very well... so I know I'll need to quilt it really densely to give a little added stability. 

I'll be finishing up my Doll Quilt Swap quilt... if I haven't by then. 

Oh and I'm going to be working on Emily's {Modern} Robin too - since I'm guessing we'll swap at the CMQG meeting the week before? - I should get busy on mine soon! :) 

I need some smaller projects to bring too. For when the ADD strikes, or when I need a quick finish to energize me. Maybe some pretty zip pouches? 

I'm not sure if MR T is going to be there... but if he is... then I'll be thinking of cutting some circles. Pre-fused of course! That powerful MR T (aka Ebony's Accuquilt Stuido Cutter)!! 

Hmm... and what snacks to bring? 

I"m getting excited about this a lot!! And... guess what I won't have to bring??!! Hair products! lol. My head shaving is taking place the week before!!! I'll be freshly bald!! Here's the link if you're still thinking of making a donation to St. Baldrick's for childhood cancer research! I've surpassed my goal and I"m working on raising more money than my family (a little friendly competition!).

Maybe Roseann will Henna my head so I can show it off too? 


  1. If you do the henna head I would love to see it. I think that would be a great option for some of my customers fighting cancer (I'm a hair stylist)

  2. i can't wait for this! But I have 50 billion questions. Did you actually sleep while there? I'm really not sure how much to bring in terms of projects because I'm sure I will be overstimulated by all that is going on! So excited!

  3. I wish I was going on this retreat! Of course, I tend to want to talk and am not sure I would actually get much accomplished. I will just have to live vicariously through you.

    I think the henna head would look very awesome! that's such a great idea!