Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wally's Chicago Flag Pillow

I realized the other day that I had never blogged about this pillow. You see, last year when I made it it was a complete surprise for Wally, and I wrapped it up immediately after finishing it. Now that the sun is coming out again it's time to actually document some of these projects! 

Here's the thing, my husband is really supportive of my quilting hobby/obsession. He puts up with a lot. I wanted to make him something awesome and that really said "Wally." So of course my proud Chicagoan husband deserved a pillow with the Chicago flag on it! 

I researched the flag and drew it up to scale - the stripes are pieced and the stars are appliqued. It's densely quilted (just 1/4" apart!). I used a zipper too! 

So the funny stats about this quilt? I walked around Vogue fabrics for half an hour asking every guy in the place (stock guys and husbands of other quilters) which blue was the most "Chicago blue" lol! And, the pillow insert is from Crate & Barrel - it's feather and amazing - this pillow is 24" square and the luxurious feather pillow insert was just $16! Yes I can't believe it either! Go to Crate $ Barrel instead of Joann's for your pillow inserts! 


  1. Hurray for Chicago!

    That's a great gift. And I love the Crate & Barrel pillows, too. Better than Ikea's but just as reasonable.

  2. Double hurray for Chicago! I'm a pretty new quilter, and I've recently been trying to figure out how to piece those stars. Darn those stars, why must they be such unique little snowflakes?