Monday, March 12, 2012

"Quite Possibly the Happiest Mail You'll Get This Month!"

Indeed it is! Check out this pillow I received from Kelly / Scrapstudio for the Pillow Talk Swap 7!! I have had my heart set on this pillow every step of the way! (I think I even favorited and pinned it several different times!) Kelly was right on the mark with this one! I still can't believe it's actually mine! I'm so excited!!

One of the awesomest parts? I wasn't home Saturday when it arrived, and on my lunch break I called my husband to see if I'd gotten any mail (yes I stalk the mail man!), when he said yes my response was, "does it have pretty writing on it?!" Indeed it did! :) I spent the rest of the day at work smiling, knowing what was in that envelope!

Here's my couch full of my lovely PTS pillows! Rounds 4-7!

For kicks I decided to try to get a shot of all our quilted pillows from around the house... They wouldn't fit on our couch (a love seat) so I stacked them up! :) Yes, that's seven quilted pillows. :) I love them!

And I realized that I had never blogged about Wally's pillow -- It was a surprise Christmas gift so I never took pictures! That post will come soon!

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  1. I'm pretty sure that pillow was supposed to come to me! Lucky you!