Saturday, March 24, 2012

Future Henna Artist?

My first henna attempt ever.
No, I don't think so... but it sure is fun! 

My sister, Roseann, has been henna-ing for a few months. It's a great hobby and she's pretty awesome at it! I enjoy henna so much because with all my allergies I shouldn't get more tattoos - but I want them! Henna satisfies that body art need. :)

Second henna - on Roseann's head! (notice my face is henna'd!)
Last weekend I was visiting my family and getting tons of henna - and my sister had me try my hand at it - since I was really the only one who could then give her henna - on her (newly shaved) head. 

Finished head henna.
Of course I tried it out. Not bad for my first tries! Although if you look at it comparably my work is much thicker and denser than hers. Roseann's henna designs feature dainty lines and precise drawings. Mine... could use some work. lol. But we had fun!! 

My henna (circle), Roseann's henna (flower)
Another of my designs. My style is definitely more geometric
Roseann's is very organic!

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  1. I definitely still want to try one of these! It would be great for over the summer. Both your's and your sister's henna tattoos look great!