Saturday, March 10, 2012


So here's the thing. I still get completely overwhelmed by the fact that so many of my peers (online and in my guild) are so wildly popular/well known/have huge numbers of people who follow their blogs. I see you guys in magazines, writing books, and doing blog-hops for big cool books and stuff. It's crazy ridiculous.

(I don't know what my point with this post is, or if I have one)

I try not to compare myself to other quilters - we all have such different styles and wide ranges of ability. We each are great at our own thing. But for the past few months I've been really considering what I'm trying to accomplish (that's really not the right wording but...). You know, I just don't feel compelled to work my ass off to try to get published in a magazine. I don't feel like there's usually much unique in them anyhow (really nothing in quilting is new, it's just individual). I don't read magazines (until someone sells them at the used bookstore I work at...) and I while I love looking at their pictures I'd never follow a pattern from one. I feel just about the same for books. Except some books are really so inspiring that they're worth having on the shelf even if I never do a single project from them. (But I'd still love to be published).

I'm rambling. Sorry.

So what am I saying? It's cool to be included in such a wildly talented group - I feel like a lot of these "big names" know me (or have heard of me) which is CRAZY. Seriously people I have under 200 blog followers! I feel like I deserve to be included in this class of quilters - I'm seeking to be advanced - I love the challenge. Maybe in some way I am there already, but I don't feel like I am. If I am not there, then what is keeping me from being a "well known quilting blogger"? Is it not being published? Or not having sponsors on my blogs that would bring lots of giveaways (lol) or a certain skill or marketability? Do I just not care enough to post perfect little posts, or maybe I over share (lol).

I guess maybe I've been thinking about this for a while. See, when I joined my bee I was absolutely astounded that my bee mates would consider me to be at their ability! Seriously, they're fantastic. We've been together as a group for more than a year now and I know I can keep up - but I'm still floored.

This post has no end... swirling thoughts rolling through my mind.


  1. Emily, I often feel the same way! Especially, since I don't have as much time to sew over the last year (when I left a job that afforded me lots of "alone" time to sew and went to a M-F 8-5 job). However, don't sell yourself short...I think you are one of the most amazing quilters I have met online and in person!

  2. It's funny you say this, because when you commented on one of my posts last week I was all "Whoa!!!! She's a rock star, and she's commenting on *my* blog!!!!!"
    I guess it's universal :-D

  3. Emily, I think you are an incredibly talented quilter and I'm so glad you're in my bee! As far as WHICH talented quilters get lots of followers and get published, honestly I think a lot of that has to do with dumb luck. I think i got most of my followers from WIP Wednesday—if I didn't have that linky I very much doubt my blog would be what it is now. I don't think you need to have sponsors or lots of giveaways - I've never had a sponsor and I've never had a giveaway where I gave extra entries for followers (I don't want to bribe people!). But I do think you do need to be able to market yourself and put yourself out there so that people can find you. Link up to linkies, comment on other blogs, etc. And have lots of gorgeous pictures for them to look at when they get here. : )

  4. My mind is swirling with responses :) I absolutely think that you are incredibly talented and often wish that I had the motivation to try to figure out and make some of the things that you are making. Personally, I think you are well known and I'm wondering if you get more responses via flickr than your blog...?

    I love the fact that you are "real" here on your blog and that it's not just solely quilting or projects and you're not trying to be all *cutesy*'re just being yourself, and I like that.

    I'm sure I have more to say...hmmm...not sure what it is...