Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Is late March too late to declare a word of the year? 

The word "intricate" has been written up on my inspiration board for months now. It is how I frame my thoughts about most of my projects. Not necessarily tiny, not necessarily hard to do, just intricate.

I thrive in the challenge. I want to learn precision and structure. I want to design it all myself. 

I want to be my own sort of quilter. And yet, I often get bogged down by what my peers are doing, how they're succeeding, and gaining popularity that I don't have. I think spring will help me sort these things out...but I need to just keep pushing myself to do my own work - rather than following the crowd. 

Where does that leave me though? Is my desire to teach? Is my goal to write a book? Do I just want to sit around and create however I please? I'm not sure. 

But as for now I want intricacy. I want little complex points, and circles upon circles, nesting together perfectly. 

Who knows where it will take me, but I like the journey I'm on. 

The pictures here are from my current project which I'm calling "Bella Bella..." It's for someone special and is inspired by this book (although I haven't used any of the patterns in that book...) I'm really loving it. 

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  1. Ohhhhhh! Very nice. Yes, you are very much finding your own way as a quilter, and I admire your precision and determination!