Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Totally unrelated picture of a project I need to finish!
As I've mentioned before the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild retreat is coming up in a couple weeks (!!!) and my intent is to start working on a new quilt for someone very special to me (who wants her quilt to be a surprise)... but I of course needed some solid black fabric (which I never use) and I'll need some thread and extra needles.... So today I went over to Connecting Threads to pick up a couple things. Very lucky that I am, most of their solids are 50% off - which makes them $2.50/yd!! Guess who has a rainbow of FQ's and random yards of fabric coming their way??!! hehe. I did get carried away a little, but my solids stash is seriously depleted. In total I got about 10 yards of fabric, three spools of thread, and a package of machine needles for $50! Oh my! I cannot wait for this box of wonderful to show up!! 

And in case you're wondering, I've used these solids a lot in the past and I find them to be comparable to Kona - and better than Kona bought at Joann's. :) 


  1. Too bad the one color I need - black - isn't on sale. I'm also working on a few black quilts. I'm curious what you are working on that needs black. This is also a first for me to work with solid black fabric.

  2. Ugh! If I hadn't made a couple of other fabric orders/purchases in the last couple weeks, I could go stock up, too. I definitely love the feel of the CT solids...and you are right, so much nicer than anything JoAnn's has to offer. Plus, not too many of the LQS's have a large collection of Kona solids (or any other solids, really).

  3. Thanks for sharing about the sale -- I've been needing to stock up on a few solids, but have put it off for a while, so your timing couldn't have been better for me! :) And like Sally says, locally, it's hard to get a wide selection of Kona solids.