Monday, February 27, 2012

CMQG and {Modern} Robin

{modern} robins swapped! Now we'll each add another border to our own!
Yesterday was the February meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. We worked on a project making mini quilts to donate to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. But truthfully? I didn't sew much at all... it was too much catching up with everyone. :) Thankfully I have gotten a good start on my AAQI quilt already.

Highlights of the CMQG meeting for me? Meeting Sally (finally!). We've been following each other's blogs and chatting back and forth for .... forever! This was her first meeting and it was great to finally meet her in real life! I hope she'll come back to more meetings too!

Another highlight of the meeting was .... Seeing a copy of Jacquie's new book!!!!!!! It was so sweet to see how excited and proud of it she is. And it's always inspiring to see the work of an artist who I really respect, but also is so much in the style that I'd love to achieve so seamlessly. I always fret over being too simplistic in my quilts but don't seem to find the balance always. Jacquie's quilts have that balance. I'll be buying that book when it's available!

And.... Emily and I swapped our {Modern} Robin quilts again! I'm so excited about the borders she added to mine! These are coming along really nicely! I am loving them so far! I have no idea what I'm going to add to it next though! ... maybe some Kona Curry? lol... Always curry.

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  1. Okay, so I'm not the best photographer ever :-( I do sooo love your and Emily's modern robin swap blocks. They are so.. everything.

    I am delighted that we were able to finally meet, too! I have already put the next meeting on my calendar and plan to be there unless something comes up that I can't get out of.

    I loved seeing your swap pillow and the beginning of your doll quilt. They were very inspiring for me, making me want to try some of those types of piecing.