Friday, February 25, 2011

So much to write about!!

First of all today has been a great day - for once I actually had use of our one car and got a ton done! We went grocery shopping, to Target, and to JoAnn's. I got some great deals at Target, two plain decorative pillows for just over $5 each on clearance! And, two packs of cloth napkins (sets of 4) for just $1.50 each! Score! lol.

When we got home I made us yummy sandwhiches for lunch and Allie played around me as I did the Old Person's Yoga DVD for the first time (it's some dvd from PBS that we got in at work... for people of all ages - beginner friendly/ not intimidating). The Yoga was great. I must say that I must use some crazy muscles shelving books at work because I was able to do the "advanced" methods for all of them (no chair for stability). I guess I could have started with a regular yoga DVD. Cool.
Now the baby's napping and the mail came. It's a good mail day! Two more of my {Sew} Beautiful Bee blocks came in! I actually built up a pretend design wall yesterday (scraps of batting hanging over the "toy wardrobe" in the sewing/play room. Here it is. Seeing them all up there makes me so inspired to make more of them!! Which is a pretty good thing since I still have about a half a dozen to go! This is going to be one big quilt! 

I did quite a bit of sewing the last few nights but I'm going to go ahead and save those for a different post, since I'm already rambling. There may be a tutorial to be made. We'll see! Happy Friday!!


  1. Oh, yay, I love how the blocks are looking together so far! I loved making this block for you so much that I think I might just try my hand at a whole quilt like this...

  2. JoAnn's and Target...sounds like a great day to me! That's probably where you'll find me tomorrow.

    I love all of your blocks! This is going to be a great quilt.

  3. Sent my block today Em! Sorry if it's a day late....I hit a couple snags this week (flat tire, sickness, etc.) and I had already hung onto the block longer than I should have b/c I liked to so much, I wanted to keep it on my desing wall! It's on it's way though!