Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabric Basket and Journal Covers!

Here they are. Fabric Journal covers! I'm so excited about these! I had the idea in my head to do one of these for my Urban Home Goods Swap partner, and that's how I came to be making 2" stars... I actually could have made them smaller because in my head this top journal cover should have three stars on it! It all worked out in the end though because I just couldn't leave that last star alone, I made a cover for myself too! I love paper, and I love fabric! These journals have been sitting on my shelf for about a year, I bought them on clearance at the bookstore I work at (can't beat $0.50 for a journal with nice unlined paper). They were just crying out from my shelf to be covered in tiny stars! The inside cover of the light grey/navy one has some pretty tree of life fabric, and the navy/AMH Good Folks one has Owls on the inside. I used this tutorial, and it worked out great!! The interfacing gives the cover just enough sturdiness to make it feel wonderful! I can't stop looking at them. It might actually make me take up real journaling again (I have probably 2 dozen full journals from college... can't bear to get rid of them). Maybe it'll be more of a spiritual journal. That may be good. :)

Next up. You may know that I like to be as generous as I can with swaps... well this round of the Urban Home Goods Swap they changed it up making it manditory to only send two handmade items. I'm struggling with that. I wanted to make a bigger item (like a pillow or sewing machine cover) and a couple/few little items. I mostly wanted to do this to have an excuse to really put my heart into some little projects. When I make things for myself they tend not to be as polished as swap things I'd send out, example: this fabric bucket.

I took my time on it, I made it all pretty and even etc, but had it been for a swap I'd have made that band of navy a band of patchwork with embroidery and such. Nope. For me it's quick and easy. I guess it's just a good thing to try it out before getting all fancy, but still. So I'd like to make my partner a pretty and detailed (and much bigger than this) fabric basket, but I'm thinking of going the pillow route instead. To me a bucket just isn't a "big item." Will the swap police yell at me if I "accidentally" send three items? hehe. Oh and I want to make a hoop too. Scatterbrained I guess. PS: this bucket was made with this tutorial, minus the patchwork. It worked like a breeze. My little girl will surely like to put her little treasures in there.

By the way. We got some snow, did you? 20" is enough for me. I'm ready for spring!


  1. I love the journals, especially the extra touch of the hand stitching. Very cute.

  2. Wow, I like those journals a lot! I have never been able to stick to journaling, but it sounds like you can, lol! Someone actually suggested that to me last night because I've been going through some stuff in my head lately and they thought that journaling might help.

    Your daughter looks so cute going through the snow! Strangely my kids haven't had a desire to go out and play in the snow...maybe because it's so high. :-P

  3. The journals are really cool! I love stuff like this, even though I never use a journal for journaling. I had three brothers as I was growing up and never felt safe keeping a journal. But, I do love to use them to make pseudo plans for projects and lists and stuff.

    I like the little baskets, too. A while ago I saw a tutorial on Stash Manicure for making little quilted basket/containers.

    I'm not sure about the swap police and the number of items... it probably won't matter unless your partner is one of the rule makers :-)

  4. Hello! I looove that journals! It's really wonderful! I love the stars, the colours and the way you have made them - great work!
    Also I like the basket, I think it's perfect as it is!
    Sunny wishes! Teje

  5. Great journal covers, I love the little stars!

  6. I love these! I am in awe of your tiny stars, they are so cute! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a fabulous week! Stay warm!

  7. Those journal covers are soooo cute!