Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little personal and a little planning.

The butterfly fabric will be the centers of the stars, and the two grey/blue/green fabrics will be the points. The background will be light pink, white, or grey.
The personal: I love Danielle Rose. Yes. She's a catholic musician who spent a while in discernment at a convent. She's super sweet (I met  her in person in college), she gives great hugs, and loves the Rosary. I found myself listening to her music on youtube tonight while finally planning out the details of a wonky star baby quilt. I'm so happy when I listen to her poetic lyrics. They get stuck in my head and become a prayerful reminding of so many wonderful things. So as a way to share my quilt planning experience, I'll give you links to the songs and pics of my sketches/notes.

I started this time with Pinterest. I talked about it already here. I really like this. I can use google image searches, my own faves from my blog, flickr searches etc, and put them visually all in the same place. here's the pintrest board. Enter Danielle Rose songs... first "See You In the Eucharist" (if you're new to Danielle, or new to Catholicism feel free to pause to check out her explanation of this song here. She wrote it just before she entered the convent - where she discerned for some time before feeling lead to continue her music ministry outside of the convent.). I did lots of math deciding that I can indeed use this set of three FQ's to make up to 16 blocks that are 12" finished.

Next song, more math. "Shelter Your Name" my favorite line is "...Break down these walls, take all my brokenness, rebuild me to shelter your name..." It's a very soothing song, one that is nice to have stuck in your head. Figure out that to make 16 blocks I'll need 128 squares of background fabric that measures 4.5" square... (2 yds will be needed in total). The total quilt will measure 36" x 48" - crib size. I'll need to buy a yard and a quarter of backing fabric.

Next song... now I'm just listening to Danielle Rose... ok and sketching out my pictures of the front and back of the quilts. "Give and Take" (a new favorite), and "Litany of Humility" (I'm always a sucker for a litany) both great for trying to stay humble when it comes to my own wishes, which is becoming increasingly hard to do.


  1. I must know!!! Where did you get the giraffe fabric?

  2. This quilt will be very pretty when you finish! Can't wait to see it!

    The music is beautiful, too. I have a friend that I am going to check with to see if she knows of Danielle, since I think she would really like the Danielle's music.

  3. I'm also dying to know where that giraffe fabric came from! :)