Thursday, February 28, 2013

Amy Butler Weekender Reveal and Modifications.

Amy Butler Weekender Bag @ QuiltCon!
Here's the pinterest board where I gathered all my inspiration and tips.

These are the changes I made to my weekender.

  • I used Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial for "Quilt As You Go" style outside panels. I used cotton duck from Joann's. This was time consuming but worth it.
  • I used Pellon Shape Flex SF101 to interface all the lining pieces, and all the interior pocket pieces. 
  • I used Wonder Under tape to make my piping (5/8" wide tape). Here's a tutorial for that.
  • I prepped the piping and made the handles first - it makes the actual assembly go quicker once you're to that step.
  • I lengthened my straps to 57" each, and used a strip of duck cloth inside them for sturdiness. After using the bag at QuiltCon I'll say that I should have used a layer of Shape Flex (Pellon SF101) inside those handles too - and I should have added two strips of Duck (or a wider strip folded in half). My handles warped a little teensy bit. The added interfacing should help prevent that.
  • I used a shorter zipper 24" I think? I'll have to check back on that one. I just centered it on the top panel and sewed/basted accordingly. 

  • I added on pocket to the lining just like the outer pocket. (I literally traced the pocket piece twice and interfaced with SF 101, and sewed the pocket to the one side of the lining.

  • I added a zippered pocket to the interior - the lining of that pocket was 12" x 9" using this tutorial.

  • I added 6 feet to the bottom - found at Joann's.
Last minute addition - a cute pull tab for the zipper!

I used the red Clover Wonder Clips during assembly. I couldn't imagine making the bag without them. Buy those suckers on you can find some good deals on them there.

I even remembered to add my little prairie points in there in the lining.

I can honestly say that this bag wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I really was expecting something crazy. It was challenging, and it took a long time, but it wasn't hard.

My best advice to anyone starting this project would be to take it one step at a time. Cut and prepare your pieces first, go slow. Set small goals each day and you'll be done in no time. The quilt as you go panels took the most time, and wore me out - but they're completely worth it!!

Julie and I with our AMH Weekenders!


  1. I saw you and your weekender from afar - it is beautiful!

  2. seriously awesome bag! and thank for making it SUPER easy for me to reference al your mods for this... I will finish mine someday!

  3. Beautiful. Love the colors you picked. Wish I had your trip before I made mine. But next time, I will keep them in mind! If you want to peek at it, it is located here:

  4. I love this! I made a weekender YEARS ago (before they were cool, ha!), but it's not patchworky. As much as I love seeing these patchwork versions, I don't know if I have another one in me. :P
    I love the prairie points in the lining and the star piecing that you used for the pocket!

  5. This turned out so awesome! I love all of the modifications you made.

  6. awesome job... making a bag with a zipper.. first time, been watching lots of tutorials.. seems they all do it a bit differently, trying to figure out what will work for me.

  7. Such a cute bag! I think I'm the only one in blogland that doesn't have one yet, LOL!!

  8. Beautiful bag! BTW Joann's has quilting notions 50% off! I bought 2 boxes of clover clips plu my 15%!teacher discount!

  9. So beautiful! Congrats! I know what an accomplishment that bag is!

  10. Oi, moro no Brasil!
    Você poderia me passar as medidas dessa bolsa?