Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday: Week 3

Welcome to week three of Sew Thinky Thursday! I am working down to the line on some pre- QuiltCon projects, so I'll get right to the question today. Here it is! 

Describe your quilting style. Who or what influences you? How do you see your style changing over time?


What's my style? Could I have picked a harder question? lol. 

I just posted the question on my facebook and got the best answer from my guild friend Sue, "Passionate and Prolific." Thanks Sue!! That's a good start - I'm definitely passionate, and maybe working toward being prolific. 

I'm a modern quilter who is a touch contemporary. I love tiny piecing with a mix of everything from intricate paper pieced blocks, to free improvisational blocks. Sometimes I want crazy intricate, sometimes simple minimalism. I'm not afraid of anything (except for the fabled rotary cutter injuries).

I am inspired by blogs, books, and my guild. 

Blogs: When I started quilting and blogging years ago the question of inspiration would be really easy to answer. I had a list of core bloggers who regularly inspired me. Now that list has grown wildly. It's hard to even keep up with blogs anymore. The people I really know are listed over there on the sidebar. But more than anything I'm inspired by the openness and willingness to share that I've found across the blogging world. I'm grateful to say that I've got quite a few incredibly inspirational quilt friends. Blogs, flickr, and facebook have helped me to get to know them and fuel friendships that inspire so much of my quilting.

Books - ok ok. I work at a used bookstore, and I run the arts and crafts section. I see tons and tons of books every day. Many of them are old and ugly, but there's still so much to learn from these. I don't like following patterns, but I love reading them. My style is influenced by the broad spectrum of quilt books we see at work - really, anything is possible.

My guild / the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild: we're such an eclectic group of experienced quilters and newbies. Serious and hobbiest. (we even have several published authors!) I see the things our guild members bring to show and tell and it's astounding. Creative thinking flows after a guild meeting. I am inspired to try new things and play with color. My style has grown from being around these ladies... nothing is out of bounds for them. 

How do I think my quilting style will grow or change? I've already seen it change a bit. I have gone through some phases already, the grey phase, the wonky star phase, the paper piecing phase... lol. Ok I'm not done with any of those. Although sometimes I wonder if I'll look back and think of this as my "modern" phase - will this movement stick? Or will this be my "Anna Maria Horner" phase (lol as if I'd stop loving her designs!). Maybe this is the crazy phase where I'm so thirsty to try everything all at once?

Now it's your chance! Tell us about your quilting style and link up below! Don't forget to check back to read the other posts! Don't be afraid to say hi in the comments - everyone loves comment love! :) 


  1. I agree with Sue... But I'd also like to "whimsical" to it! Your quilts are like your thoughts - you can see some busy and some quiet, some naughty and some nice, some sweet, some sour, some happy, some gloomy! Your quilts are a "chaat" of emotions girl! and I love them because of that! They are so much "you"

  2. I think a lot of us are so alike! I do love it all though - I'm happy when I can incorporate something new to love!

  3. This is my first time posting on this linky project. It is a great question, thanks! Having a Guild to inspire you is a wonderful thing, I love mine.