Wednesday, February 20, 2013

QuiltCon Prep = Sewing for Myself.

For some reason going on a sewing related getaway means that I should sew a zillion things for myself including but not limited to:

Quilted Amy Butler Weekender - it's done!!!
Weekender (such a big project it will get it's own blog post)

Various zip pouches: Boxed pouches with real oilcloth laminate fabric this time. I made a couple of these, one for me and one for my new guild friend Judy - she's going to QuiltCon too. It just goes to show that if I write about sewing something on Facebook you should comment saying how useful that item is... I just might make one for you!

The blue and red polka dot oilcloth laminate fabric is available at The Needle Shop - I've been eyeing it and broke down and bought a quarter yard - since they cut their fabric wide there (my quarter yard was a smidge wider than 11"), I was able to get 4, nearly 5 pouches from the one cut. Not bad... it works out to be about $1 per pouch!

Voile Pillowcase: duh this is totally necessary  lol. I crack myself up. I made this with some of the AMH Voile that Shruti sent to me - it's luxurious. I can't wait to use it! Extra bonus, I won't have to worry about my hands / face breaking out from the hotel laundry detergents. :)

Pillowcase closeup - yes that is a precious bit of Sweetwater in there.for the accent.

I've considered making a case for my workshop necessities  but I just can't decide on a design. I guess it's better off since I'm not planning on checking luggage, I won't be able to carry my scissors or rotary cutter with me on the plane!

I had a lot of fun preparing for this trip, and I'm so excited to leave - I suppose I should just go to bed - my flight leaves in just a few hours!


  1. hurry up and get here already! and i like all your stuff :)

  2. Your weekender bag is amazing!

  3. Hey! Stuff looks gr8! Enjoy your trip and miss me a lot!

  4. Love your weekender bag...I have all my fabric in a pile near the pattern, just haven't taken the plunge yet! Have a great trip. Oh and the little pouch is adorable too!

  5. I think I break out from detergent that hotels use, too! A few years ago I ended up in an urgent care for a steroid shot after I slept at a hotel plus used a new make-up! Swollen eyelids aren't nearly as sexy looking as they sound. :P
    Love the projects - the weekender is fabulous!!