Monday, February 11, 2013

Michelle's Celebration Quit

My friend Michelle has been in town all week. She's decided to take up quilting, and wanted to learn some basics. I'll share that part of the story another day, but for now I'll share the quilt I just finished for her!

I've known Michelle for years, we met at Mass in college, and became instant friends. 

About a year ago Michelle asked me if I'd consider making her a quilt to celebrate 10 years since she quit a bad habit (one that she quit just before we met). I won't go into what that habit was, but quitting was a pretty big milestone in her life. So, we agreed to decide on a direction for the quilt, and she'd buy the materials. 

We had chosen Anna Maria Horner's Love Emblem quilt pattern. I decided that I wouldn't mind following the pattern, but it became a bit of a chore - I hate following patterns. I pushed through though, and the pattern came together really easily. The only real annoyance was having to enlarge all those pattern pieces - we took them to Fed Ex and printed them ourselves on a large size paper. 

I of course put off finishing the quilt - it wasn't exciting. Following a pattern is so different then creating it yourself. I'm not used to it. I knew it was worth it to finish... but it took a lot for me to come around to it. Finally this week I basted the quilt before Michelle came to visit, with the intention of getting it quilted before she got here.... That didn't happen. I did manage to quilt it up in the morning this week, while Allie was at school and Michelle was sleeping off our long night of sewing (apparently I don't require much sleep). 

It's completely finished now, prayers in the binding, pictures taken, and Michelle took it home with her! 

In the end I'm glad I pushed through and finished it. It feels good to make something for a friend, and it's nice to have it finished! :) 

Next time maybe Michelle can make me a quilt - she's well on her way!


  1. Lovely quilt. It does look like a 'celebration'. But i am with you on not liking patterns. I feel restrained.

  2. ah a satisfying finish! worth following the pattern it looks great! and I know Michelle will love it!

  3. It's gorgeous! I looked at the pdf on AMH's site, and I haven't tried it, but I think you can enlarge at home, just have to tape the pieces together. Hit Print, then choose to print the first page with the triangles (pg 5), then under Page Size and Handling click Poster, enter 165 in the Tile Scale window. Beats a trip to the printer!