Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sew Thinky Thursday: Week 5

Wow is it really Thursday already? Last week flew by.

Here's our question for this week:

Tell us about your sewing friends. Have your fabric tastes changed by having friends who like to sew? Do you like the same things or are you completely opposite?

I had intended to plan this out better - I just rambled about friends on my last blog post....

Emily and I with our {Modern} Robin quilts. 

For the most part my sewing friends and I share similar likes. However one friend, Emily, has a more refined palate. lol. She was an art student and I can only imagine that she sees fabrics a bit more intensely than I do. For instance for the longest time I didn't know what the difference was between blue purple and red purple... seriously. She would say "I don't like purples that are more blue" and I would not be able to tell the difference. I think I finally have it figured out. These sort of things make sewing things for Emily a little harder than normal. I'm always worried I'll use the wrong shade of this or that. I worried so much with the last swap we did that I made her list out all her favorite (or "acceptable") Kona colors, that way I could cross check the prints with her favorite solids. I hope I did good with it.  I've found myself being more open to Other Emily's colors recently - coral-y pinks and orange. I'm typically drawn to cooler colors.

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  1. awwwww, my favourite Emilies!!!!

  2. I keep forgetting to pop over here and check out the topic ahead of time so that I can actually get a post written ahead of time! Hopefully I'll have time over the weekend to get something written up :-/

  3. well then! such strife about fabric choices! lol coming around to may way of thinking eh? as soon as u come around i will change my favs...gotta keep ya on your toes ;)