Friday, March 1, 2013

QuiltCon: Quilt Show

Charlotte with her Fracture quilt - this is the one I voted for for best quilt. I love this one so much!

Here we have a sampling of some of my favorite quilts of the show. Many of these were made by online friends, and they're pretty spectacular. It was jaw-dropping to walk through the show and see such beautiful works.

Broken Diamonds by Kati.

Erika's quilt!

Charlotte's other fab quilt. This one won a pretty ribbon too!

Elizabeth's quilt - hanging in one of the booths!

Rachel's Oodalolly quilt. 

The MQG challenge quilts.

My new friend Nicole's quilt! 

Best in show by Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Quilted by the spectacular Lisa Sipes!)
Denyse Schmidt's quilts!

Denyse Schmidt's quilts on display!

One of my absolute favorite's by Lee.

A mini by Kati.

Another fab quilt by Elizabeth!

Bang You're Dead by Jacquie Gering - I can't look at this quilt without wanting to cry.
I'm glad she has made such a quilt that makes us think. (read more about the quilt here)

Martha by Thomas Knauer (quilted by Lisa Sipes!) This is another thinker - read his post about the quilt here.

My favorite group quilt. Read more about it here. Of course I love a quilt that's about censorship. Don't miss the followup post here.

As a whole it was very humbling to walk through the quilt show. There were some really fantastic quilts on display and it made me think of my own likes, dislikes, and style. Overall I walked away with a sense of awe about the quilts being made in our community. We're all fabulous in our own right. I'm glad to be a part of this quilt movement. 


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