Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Bonus Quilt: A Surprise Finish!

We all have those neglected work in progresses lurking don't we?

About a week ago (It's embarrassing to say that it was about a month ago... I just now got around to taking pictures!) I posted a comprehensive list of my WIP's, and I actually included this neglected quilt on the list. 

Let me explain. A few years ago I was new to quilting, I had not yet solidified my own personal style, and I didn't know how to pick fabrics that I would like. It seems like these would be easy things to know, but it's a process. In the beginning I bought fabric because it was cheap, and because it coordinated - thankfully I didn't buy a lot of fabric this way!

I ended up starting some projects that got left behind, never finished. I started this "Yellow Quilt" way back in February of 2010! I had recently learned how to chain piece log cabin blocks, exciting I know! I was really excited, until I realized that all of the blocks would be exactly the same (I was starting to see my personal style, not loving blatant repetition). I managed to piece the blocks into a non-traditional setting using a super soft thrift store sheet, but lost interest.

Fast forward to the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild spring retreat, March 2012. I had brought the pieced quilt top and the leftover sheet - ad I basted the quilt together and sped through the quilting (I'd just gotten my Juki and was reveling in her speed!) I even quilted Allie's name into it - so cute!

When I returned home from the retreat Allie excitedly took the quilt to bed (without you see were this is going?). After some time it got dirty, and the edges got a bit stringy... I folded it up and threw it in the closet since I couldn't wash it without first attaching the binding! 

Fast forward again. Last week A while ago, after binding my Bella Quilt I was on such a high from finishing it, that I cut and prepared the binding for this yellow quilt. Just like that the quilt was finished! Of course I bound it by machine, and it's not the prettiest thing - but it's super soft and cozy and that's what really matters. 

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