Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quiltcon: Friday

No time for a real or even semi-coherent post today. But I wanted to share with you guys ....

I finally met Mona, the recipient of my Doll Quilt Swap 12  quilt. She's even sweeter in person and we really had a fantastic talk over lunch today. I'm so glad to have finally met her in person!

Dessert with Rachael, Elaine, Emily, and Bianca 
I also shared some AMAZING conversations with these ladies we talked throughout much of dinner (a meetup with tons of people), and then walked to another place to have desert. In all I think we were chatting for the better part of 4+ hours. Intense and varied conversation. Fabulous.

I feel like today packed in enough excitement and greatness that it must have really been two days. I kept having to check my phone to be sure that it was still Friday. I'm really lucky to be here. 


  1. Totally jealous! Thanks for the updates. Continue with the fun!

  2. yes dinner was so much fun and I loved all the talk!