Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIP Weds!

I've been working away here!

This is what's on my sewing table today/this week:

Finishing two projects for the Emily Emily & Elaine swap (EEE!) I'm really excited about these secret projects!

I'm working on DQS13!! Signups just opened!!! Tell your friends!

I quilted 12 mug rugs yesterday - and now I need to bind them! :) These are a commissioned project and they're a lot of fun!

Working on Sabrina's quilt - although I need to find some kona charcoal to finish the top!

Planning pouches - Happy Little Pouch Hop is going to be Amazing!

Adding things to my "I want this for christmas" pinterest board.

Lindsey's quilt - it just needs to be washed!

No progress:
Everything else.


  1. oh wow - the curve blocks look just amazing!

  2. Are those blocks for Sabrina's quilt? What is the name of that pattern? It looks awesome. Reminds me of Hoo-Ha:

  3. I have some Kona Charcoal if you can't find any (2 yards, I think)! At least, I'm reasonable certain that it is is definitely Kona :)

    I do really like those curved blocks!