Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Little Pouch Hop: Day 3 - Hollie & Katie

Today we have two pattern reviews for you! Maybe they’re for a pattern or tutorial that you've been wanting to try? I’ve had the Noodlehead Open Wide pouch on my list for ages! After having scheduled this post last week - now I've finished my first Open Wide Pouch!

First up we have Hollie from The Undercover Crafter. Hollie’s blog is full of all sorts of fun. She’s an active member of online Do Good Stitches, and she is overall pretty awesome. She recently made a pouch that I think is pretty cute (check it out here). I just love the little details! Hollie has a tutorial review for us head on over to read it.

We also have Katie of Katie’s Korner. Katie is one of those super sweet internet friends that keep my life positive! We’ve been in a bee together for the past two years (Sew Beautiful Bee), and she’s really just a joy! She is going to review the Noodlehead Open Wide Pouch for us today. Go on and check it out!


HLPH {Challenge} - Yesterday's challenge for Elaine and I was to make a frame pouch. I am glad to say that I have finally made a frame pouch I'm happy with! I used this tutorial for drafting a pattern, and then winged it! My frame is an 8" x 2" sew-in frame from Joann's. The outside of my pouch is some interesting polyester material that came from a freebie box that someone had brought to our last CMQG meeting! While I love the way this pouch turned out, I don't expect to be making many more of these - I really don't enjoy hand sewing. It took a lot of finger strength to stitch that frame into place, and I somehow managed to break a needle while hand sewing!

Don't forget to start working on your own pouches and add them to the flickr group. All finished pouches can be added to the Week 1 Finishes discussion to be eligible to win our awesome prizes!


  1. I know what you mean about needing finger strength to stitch the fabric into the frame - I tried a similar bag a few months ago and was unable to get my fingers to do the finagley work of holding the fabric in place while stitching (I can't crochet now either). I ended up giving the project to one of my friends to finish for me, as I just couldn't do it (and I was getting really stressed). I love these little frame bags - there are so many cute designs and frames - but they're not going on my list of bags I like to make - I'll leave them for someone else, lol.