Thursday, November 15, 2012

Playing with some new Pellon!

You might know that I really love adding words to my projects... (heck I have a whole pinterest board for it!) but I'm not very good at hand embroidering words. Much more is the fact that I don't enjoy it nearly as much as every other aspect of quilting. I've always been wanting a way to add these touches to my quilts without spending the time and annoyance to hand stitch them. 

Recently my way of doing this is to free motion quilt them into the finished quilt. I'll add a name here or a word or two there. It's a battle to get neat and precise words when you're FMQing a large quilt. I've been doing quilt labels like the one below - by making a whole quilt sandwich and then trimming it down and stitching it to the finished quilt. It's not as neat and tidy as I'd like. 

A few months ago Erin sent me some samples of this Fuse-N-Tear 371R. It worked exactly as I had hoped! 

Check out how fabulous my words are!!

Those pink lines are about 1/4" apart. Yes, I had to test it in tiny. This method works just perfectly with 1/4" cursive letters! 

So what should I make with these? I think the books one will probably become a journal cover (using those two awesome book fabrics from connecting threads. The pink one will definitely be a pouch. Help me plan my Happy Little Pouch Hop pouches! What shape? What fabrics? What kind of details?

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  1. loving the stitching! Well as the pink piece is about stitching maybe make it into a hoop bag? or something for sewing tools?

  2. You're doing great with your new lettering method! I use a similar product called Transfer Ease to put embroidery patterns on my fabric. You might want to consider doing an open wide pouch by noodlehead (Anna Graham). It's a beautifully written pattern, and that baby really does open wide for easy access to the contents.

  3. that's fab! I got some at market - I must give it a go

  4. The words look fabulous, but I admit, I'm not quite wrapping my brain around how the product works.

  5. Cool! And I like how you use words on the quilt. I have a plan to make appliqued words on a quilt (someday). Visiting from Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday.